Triad Outdoor Photographers

Organizational Documents

Club Mission Statement, Constitution, Bylaws



Mission Statement

To provide an environment for amateur and accomplished photographers in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina to gather and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for photography; particularly outdoor photography.




The name of this Organization shall be “Triad Outdoor Photographers”.

The aim and purpose of the Organization is to promote the mutual enjoyment of outdoor photography, encourage the advancement of its members and the general public in the knowledge and practice of the art of photography, and promote the appreciation and preservation of our natural heritage.

Any person with an interest in photography, and particularly outdoor photography, may become an active member.

The Officers of this Organization shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all of which are elected. The officers make up the Executive Committee. The duties of the officers are provided in the Bylaws.

The officers shall be elected to a two year term. An elected officer shall hold the same office for as many consecutive terms as he or she is willing to fulfill the duties of that office. The election procedure is provided in the Bylaws.

Section 1

In case of an extended absence, resignation, incapacity, death or removal of the President, the Vice President shall take over the office for the remainder of the current term. If for any reason the Vice President is unable to take office, the Secretary shall assume the Presidency for the remainder of the term.

Section 2

If any office, except that of the President, shall become vacant for any reason, a member appointed by the Executive Committee shall fill the office for the remainder of the term.

Section 1

A quorum of members at a duly called business meeting shall not be less than one-fourth of the members in good standing, including at least one member of the Executive Committee.

Section 2

A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of three of the four members, at least one of these being the President or Vice President.

The fiscal year of this Organization shall be September 1 through August 31.

Section 1

Regular meetings of the Organization are held as provided in the Bylaws.

Section 2

Such other meetings are held as provided in the Bylaws.

Section 3

All meetings of the Organization are conducted with respect to the Officer in charge with “Rules of Order” as agreed upon by the members and published in the Meeting Guidelines.

All Bylaws shall be binding to the same degree as the provision of the Constitution.

This Constitution and attached Bylaws shall be adopted when they have been approved by at least one-half of the total number of members who are current with payment of dues for the Organization’s fiscal year. The Secretary will notify the members when the approval quorum is met.

Any revocation, addition or amendment to this Constitution and its Bylaws are made as follows: The proposal may be initiated by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or five members in good standing. It is presented in writing, duly signed by said officers or members at a regular or specially called meeting of the Organization, at which at least a quorum is present. It shall then be discussed and voted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting. To be adopted, it must receive a one-half majority of the members present.




The Executive Committee decides upon the mailing address of the Triad Outdoor Photographers Club.

The Executive Committee and members of the Organization will be notified in advance of the location where regularly scheduled meetings will occur. If the meeting location must change, the Executive Committee will find an appropriate location and notify the membership of the Organization.

Section 1 – Membership Application

Any person with an interest in photography and particularly outdoor photography may become a member in good standing upon payment of dues.

Section 2 – Dues and Fees

The Executive Committee shall recommend dues and fees. Dues are paid annually in September, but no later than the second Thursday in October. In the case a member joins mid year, their dues will be prorated on a quarterly basis for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Section 3 – Suspension of Membership

Membership of any person may be suspended by an affirmative unanimous vote of the Executive Committee if sufficient reason exists. Reasons for suspension include but are not limited to the following:

If the member displays behavior that is detrimental to the aims and purpose of the Organization

If the member consistently shows a lack of respect for other members

If the member fails to pay dues in a timely manner

Section 4 – Expulsion of Member

Any member whose dues are in arrears after six months, including the period of suspension, shall cease to be a member.

Any motion for the expulsion of any member of the Organization is submitted first to the President of the Organization in confidence, with a full statement of evidence on which the motion is based. The President, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, shall question the accused member and have the power to decide whether the motion shall be dropped without further action, whether the accused member shall be allowed to resign with report to the membership or whether the motion shall be referred to the members as a whole. If the motion is referred to the members as a whole, such motion must be carried by a one-half vote at a meeting where a quorum is present. No action shall be taken in any event without notice to the accused member who shall be given an opportunity to be heard in his or her own defense.

At the regular meeting in May, nominations of candidates for the Executive Committee are made.

Any member in good standing and is willing to serve can be a candidate for office. Before the June meeting, all proposed nominees will be approached to confirm their willingness to serve and their consent obtained before their names are placed on the ballot.

The election shall be held at the June meeting. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Ballots will be counted by the Executive Committee. The new officers for the coming fiscal year shall be presented to the membership at the

July meeting. Official installation of the new officers shall take place at the August meeting. Officers will serve out a two year term for each election held. Officers may serve as many consecutive terms as he or she is willing to fulfill the duties of that office.

Section 1 – President

The duties of the President include the following: Preside at all regular and special meeting of the Organization. Serve as chair of the Executive Committee and preside at its meetings. Administer the affairs of the Organization. Endeavors to assume active leadership of the Organization at all times.

The President may appoint the Chairs for all Special Committees.

Section 2 – Vice President

In case of resignation, incapacity, death, absence or removal of the President the Vice President will assume the office of President and complete the current term.

The Vice President assists the President in all matters and endeavors to assume good leadership for the Organization at all times.

The Vice President oversees the activities of all Special Committees of the Organization and provides feedback to and from the Executive Committee.

Section 3 - Secretary

The Secretary’s duties shall include the following:

Keep a full and accurate record of proceedings of all regular and special meetings of the Organization and Executive Committee.

Maintain a complete and accurate record of the members in attendance at each Organization meeting.

Maintain a roster of Organization members.

Send out communications regarding all meetings of the Organization and Executive Committee meetings.

Maintain or supervise the maintenance of the club website to include the Calendar of Events and Meetings, a Photo Gallery, a News page and a Members Only page. The website will have its own technical and member “how to” documentation that the secretary or designee will maintain.

If needed, the secretary will produce a printable newsletter, to be distributed to the membership (at least once per quarter).

Section 4 – Treasurer

The Treasurer is custodian of all money collected for dues, fees and securities.

The Treasurer sends out bills for dues, acknowledges their receipt, pays all bills and expenditures as authorized by the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer keeps a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements, and makes an annual written report to the Organization of the condition of the Treasury at the September meeting following the completion of the Treasurer’s term in office. The Treasurer may also be called upon to present a summary of the status of the financial condition of the Organization at each business meeting.

Committees can be assembled by the President and/or the Executive Committee, either through volunteerism or by appointment from the membership. Committees that may be assembled can include, but are not limited to the following:

Workshops/Hands on Events Speakers Public Relations Website Contributions [Holiday] Banquet/Party Planning These committees will convene as necessary and be dissolved when their work is


Regular meetings will be scheduled as determined by majority vote of the members.

Special meetings may be held as required.

Executive Committee meetings shall be held when decided necessary by the President or other Officers.

All regular and business meetings of the Organization shall be conducted with respect towards the Officer in charge and under the meeting guidelines. Any elected Officer of this Organization has the right to call any member to order at any time, if need be.